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Family Law

Family Law in King, Snohomish, and Pierce Counties

Our clients care deeply about their family's wellbeing and their success into the future. There are many differed types of cases that fall under the umbrella term of family law, including: divorce (called dissolution in Washington), battles regarding the children, the division of marital property, and many other life altering situations.

The complexity of the legal system only adds to the already stressful experience of fighting with your spouse over the things you hold most dear. Our attorneys focus on ensuring client input and understanding is maintained throughout our representation. The better our clients understand the process, the easier it is for us to formulate a plan in line with the client's stated goals.

Our King County family law attorneys have years of experience under our belts in every subcategory of family law. If you are thinking about getting a divorce, or are already part of some family law litigation, strong and respective legal representation is key.

These types of cases will affect the lives of both you and your children for a long time in the future. With that said, it becomes extremely important that you retain an attorney who has your best interests at heart, and the experience to make sure those interests are secured.

If you are thinking about partaking in any legal action that falls under the realm of family law, call one of our knowledgeable Snohomish County family law attorneys. Our family law attorneys also service King, and Pierce counties for any of your legal needs.

Types of Family Law Cases Dissolutions, Legal Separations, Annulments

Dissolution is the technical name of a divorce in Washington. Washington is "community property" state, which means that any assets and debts acquired during the marriage are to be split in an equitable fashion between the spouse. Unlike in some other states, Washington has strict guidelines to ensure that both parents have an equal chance at being awarded an equitable division of residential time for the children.

Legal separations in Washington State act in the exact same way dissolutions do, and offer all of the same legal remedies. The only difference is the name, and the fact that neither spouse can remarry while they are legally separated from their previous partner. There are a variety of reasons clients opt for this option instead of a full-fledged divorce, ranging from religious considerations to those related to maintaining dual coverage on one of the spouses' healthcare.

Annulments are the most rare of the three ways a marriage can end. An annulment is extremely rare compared to the other two, and there are strict guidelines surrounding when an annulment may be granted. If you have any questions about annulments, legal separation, or a divorce, our Snohomish County family law attorneys can help guide you through this tumultuous time. Our goal, first and foremost, is to make sure you feel as relaxed as possible, totally aware of what is going on in your case, and well-informed so you can tackle whatever emotional hardships may come your way.


See the specific practice areas of family law below, and click on the blue heading to see greater detail into the specifics of each. Regardless, if you have any questions on any portion of what you find on the website, or about a court case that has commenced or is still pending, the most expedient and accurate way to get this information is through a phone call, or a message through the "Contact Us" form on the side of each page.

Client Reviews
Thank you, Northwest Law Group and Alice, our wonderful attorney, for making us feel heard. You clearly care about your clients, and I cannot thank you enough for your urgency in finalizing the case in a way that was the most beneficial to me and my kids. My children are in a stable home now and we have been able to move on, all thanks to you, Alice and your firm. - V.P
When I received the divorce papers from my husband, I was extremely worried and didn’t know what to do. I found Alice and Northwest Law Group through a friend, and just after my first meeting with Alice, I felt as though a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. She explained everything to me and continued to do so as she represented me through the conclusion of my case. I don’t know what I would have done without Alice! - Z.B
I just want to thank Northwest Law Group, PLLC. for being professionals in handling my DUI case. I made a huge mistake when I got behind the wheel of my car after a night of drinking. Thankfully, you were able to help me work through the confusing court process, ensuring that my mistake didn’t end up costing me time at work or with my family. - Anonymous