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Divorcing During COVID-19

Divorcing During COVID? What You Need to Know

Divorce may be inevitable for some couples when their relationship is struggling, and it is apparent that it won’t get better. But navigating divorce during a pandemic can be particularly tricky.

Has COVID Caused More Divorce in Washington?

Many professionals have suggested that emotional and even physical abuse has increased due to the stresses of job loss, co-parenting, and increased time together that couples are experiencing. Whether that is true or not, it is evident that COVID has complicated things for many families.

For those who have been uncomfortably forced together over the past year, it has brought relationship issues clearly into focus. Under the circumstances, you may have decided that your relationship is unsalvageable, and divorce is your only option. At this point, you may want to consult with a Bellevue divorce lawyer to discuss your options.

Re-Housing and Co-Parenting During COVID

Navigating a divorce is difficult enough during normal times, but adding COVID restrictions to the mix has made it even more difficult. One partner may find it necessary to move out of the home but will be faced with limited in-person showings. Virtual school necessities and co-parenting can further complicate your situation. Families are coping with new roles during this time. This can put further stress on the family navigating a divorce.

In the case of divorce, regardless of whether it takes place during a pandemic or not, your first priority will be to the children. Although this might sound obvious, during times of incredible stress like see now, a divorcing couple will want to take special care concerning their conduct to not cause more emotional harm to the children. Hostility, no matter how subtle, can have an effect on the wellbeing of the children.

COVID Downtime

If you are currently out of work or are working remotely, it may offer extra time. This is a good time to organize any documents you will need for the divorce, including income documents, tax returns, investment and bank accounts, property information and any other documents regarding your income, debts, and living expenses. Having this information accessible will make it easier when you meet with a Bellevue divorce attorney when the time comes.

Can You Talk It Out?

Divorce is always most painless when a couple is on good enough terms to have open discussions about ending the relationship and can come to agreements about asset division and child support. Some couples will benefit from a skilled mediator’s advice when attempting to hammer out the terms of their divorce. Others will require a lawyer to negotiate and even litigate the smallest matters. In most cases, you will need the assistance of an experienced Bellevue divorce lawyer or mediator to help you navigate the financial, emotional, and legal issues surrounding a divorce.

Get Legal Advice

If they are not offering in-person office hours, most Bellevue divorce attorneys, mediators, and other professionals will still be able to offer representation through video platforms. The same will hold true with any court hearings or required appearances. Once your attorney understands your needs, he or she will get to work to best represent you and your future.

Choosing a divorce lawyer in Bellevue that you feel comfortable with and can trust is one of the most important decisions you can make when facing a divorce. At Northwest Law Group, your goals are ours. Contact us for an initial consultation to discuss your needs.

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Thank you, Northwest Law Group and Alice, our wonderful attorney, for making us feel heard. You clearly care about your clients, and I cannot thank you enough for your urgency in finalizing the case in a way that was the most beneficial to me and my kids. My children are in a stable home now and we have been able to move on, all thanks to you, Alice and your firm. - V.P
When I received the divorce papers from my husband, I was extremely worried and didn’t know what to do. I found Alice and Northwest Law Group through a friend, and just after my first meeting with Alice, I felt as though a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. She explained everything to me and continued to do so as she represented me through the conclusion of my case. I don’t know what I would have done without Alice! - Z.B
I just want to thank Northwest Law Group, PLLC. for being professionals in handling my DUI case. I made a huge mistake when I got behind the wheel of my car after a night of drinking. Thankfully, you were able to help me work through the confusing court process, ensuring that my mistake didn’t end up costing me time at work or with my family. - Anonymous